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Looking for an Evidence-Informed Naturopathic Doctor?

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I’m Dr. Maille Devlin, a Naturopathic Doctor who works with patients to reduce the risk of chronic disease, so that they can enjoy a long and healthy life.

I believe that everyday actions are the driving force behind health changes and that by focusing on daily habits, we can make large impact on overall health.

Meet Dr. Devlin

Clinical Focus.

My focus in practice is on health optimization, disease prevention and healthy aging.

This often means, reducing blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as assisting both men and women through hormonal transitions in life like menopause and andropause.
Services Offered
Health Optimization.
Heart Health.
Diabetes and Insulin Resistance.
Hormone Health.
Weight Management.

The Process

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Lab Testing and Data Collection
Progress Review and Support
Comprehensive Health evaluation
Data Analysis and Personalized Health Plan
Re- Test and Assess

Not your average blood work. The importance of testing.

Test, don't guess.

By running standard blood tests, we can gain a lot of information about your health.  But did you know that blood results that are within the normal range can still indicate the beginning of health problems?

Learn how to catch health problems early with an in-depth assessment of your blood work.
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It's about more than longevity.
How You Feel Matters.

73% of seniors are managing at least  one chronic condition.

In order to feel healthy at age 70, you need to start NOW.

The average Canadian spends the last 11 years of life with their daily activities impacted by disease or disability.

Let’s close the gap between healthspan and lifespan and extend the time that you feel healthy and can enjoy your life.

The period of time spent in good health.
The period of time a person is alive.

Simple, but not easy.

'Simple' lifestyle changes such as exercising more and eating healthy are often suggested to prevent chronic disease. However, implementation of these changes is what patients seem to struggle with the most.

Individual care.

This is why I work with patients to find individual strategies that we use to apply high-yield healthy lifestyle changes into their life.

Virtual Care

Anywhere in Ontario.
Appointments from home or the office.
Save commute time.
Comfortable and confidential.

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"Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing"

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