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Services Overview

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Preventative Medicine.
Lab Analysis.
Health Optimization.

Conditions Treated

Through a combination of nutrition, supplements, movement, and lifestyle counselling. Individualized to your specific health goals.
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Cardiovascular Health
Risk Assessment, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol.
Blood Sugar Control
Insulin Resistance, Diabetes.
Liver and Kidney Health
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), Chronic Kidney Disease.
Weight Management
Sustainable Weight Loss Solutions.
Hormonal Transitions
Perimenopause, Menopause, Andropause.

Health Optimization.

Are you healthy but looking for ways to prevent disease later in life?
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Health Optimization Appointment.
Identifying risk factors for future disease and optimizing your health and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my appointment covered by insurance?
It depends on your coverage plan. Most insurance plans cover at least a percentage of naturopathic appointments. Your coverage may be under "perimenical" or "naturopathy" if you don't see "naturopathic doctor" or "naturopath".
Do I see you instead of my Family Doctor?
Naturopathic Medicine is complementary to an integrative medical system. A patient should not see an ND as an alternative to their family physician, gynaecologist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, psychologist etc. Rather, an ND should be part of an inclusive health team in order to optimize health and fight disease.
What kind of treatment do you provide?
Treatment plans usually start with individualized lifestyle changes guided by patient history, comprehensive lab testing, and health goals. Common treatments focus on nutrition, movement, stress management, individualized supplementation and lifestyle counselling.
What education is required to be an ND?
Naturopathic Doctors undergo four years of rigorous medical training at an accredited Naturopathic Medical School which requires a four-year pre-medical post-secondary education. During the four years at an accredited College of Naturopathic Medicine, students are required to take over 3000 hours of classroom training and gain over 1200 hours of supervised clinical experience.

In order to qual­ify for licens­ing in Ontario, Natur­o­pathic Doc­tors must suc­cess­fully complete three sets of licensing examinations when finished schooling: Ontario Biomedical Examination, Ontario Clinical Sciences Examination, Ontario Clinical Practical Examination.

Once licensed, NDs are required to take part in con­tin­u­ing edu­ca­tion cred­its on an ongo­ing basis.
Are Naturopathic Doctors Regulated?
In Ontario, ND’s are regulated by their regulatory body, the College of Naturopaths of Ontario under the Naturopathy Act 2007.
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