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New Year. New Perspectives.

I love the fresh beginning a new year gives us! January is a month for reflection and growth; the clean slate we are given is an opportunity for us to explore new possibilities and challenge ourselves. We can step out of the cycles we have been in over the past year and decide where we want to continue to focus our energy and what we would like to stop pouring our time into.

We are all very good at looking at ourselves and finding things to fix- so good in fact, that we can get too focused on making a list of things we need to work on that we become overwhelmed and don't know where to start when trying to fix these issues.

Before looking critically at yourself this year and finding things to improve on, try making a list of your accomplishments. What did you do this year to work on yourself? What brought you joy this year? How did you improve the lives of others? From there you can start to think of how you can further these accomplishments by implementing new goals.

By basing your new goals off of past accomplishments, you give meaning to your goals and answer the ‘why’. When we know why exactly we wrote down the goal in the first place, we can recognize the need for the work that needs to take place, helping us stick to our targets.

Research has proven that simply writing down your goals on a regular basis increases achievement levels. In one study by Dr. Gail Matthew’s, desires of participants were obtained with a success rate increased by 42%, just by jotting them down. Furthermore, by framing these goals in a constructive light both short term and long-term benefits are produced in creating and maintaining good habits. Meaning, when we make and work on our goals from an encouraging and positive perspective, we will be more successful!

So be kind to yourself this January, and in fact all year long. None of us are perfect, but we can continue to work consistently at small goals that bring us and others around us encouragement and overall betterment.

Yours in health, Maille

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